Dr. T V Sairam

Dr T V Sairam's never-ending curiosity and inquisitiveness has led him towards a life of a humble seeker from his childhood. His mediocre academic life was never confined to the dozen degrees he received from several universities from India and abroad. It extended in his restless travels to remote villages of India, in search of a great heritage, particularly with respect to native medicine, folk music, yoga and what not! He was never comfortable with a cushy government job which imposed structured thoughts and feelings on crucial issues to ensure the outdated colonial values remain. He had to strive hard to unshackle himself to survive and to be in peace with himself.

This website is dedicated not only to highlight his realisations as a thinker, writer, artist, musicologist, herbalist, economist, administrator, connoisseur and music therapist but also in chalking out a future relevant to the ideals and inspirations which engulfed Dr Sairam's reclusive life and outlandish work.

This website will strive to bring together like-minded people under one roof through group interaction and also institute student fellowships in the area of modern scientific research on ancient herbal medical practices and classical music of India. It is also dedicated to promote ancient arts by conducting festivals or conferences, if necessary paving the way for building up an All-India network to embrace like-minded individual institutions under one roof cementing unity under diversity in concepts and practices.

This website is committed to serve humanity through its vision and mission and to spread knowledge and understanding.


Indian Music Therapy

Having researched for over 30 years, Dr T V Sairam (fondly called the Father of Music Therapy in India), concludes that Nada Yoga and Raga Chikitsa are the two eyes of Indian music therapy.


Herbal & Alternative Cures of India

Four decade-long research travelling across the difficult terrains of the subcontinent to collect data on folk remedies & remote travel camps to unearth the fast vanishing secrets of Herbs and other Alternative Healing methods for scientific documentations.


Indian Art, Architecture & Aesthetics

Typical Indian features in fine arts as in ‘Tribhanga’ or in music as ‘Gamaka’ are considered by Dr T V Sairam as the human-friendly approaches of Indians in the comity of nations.

A life inspired by a quote on Oliver Goldsmith, about whom it was said :
"Nothing that he touched, he left unadorned".
Oliver Goldmsith
A Poet, Naturalist, and Historian

About Dr. T.V. Sairam

Recalling his hyperactive childhood, which never allowed him to resist wondering and be curious about everything around him, Sairam’s education process was never confined to the  four walls of several Universities he joined, but it went beyond their campuses towards the unbound  nature..

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