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Unveiling the Mysteries of Music Therapy.

The Conch Of Courage

Music has been closely linked with human activities from the stone age when man used to wander aimlessly to feed himself and to fulfil his bodily needs like a smart animal. Smart because he knew how fire could be produced and how to communicate with claps, vocalizations, toning and even making noise and sounds to

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Versatility, Thy Name is Music Therapy!

“A Jazz musician juggles with harmonies”  – Benny Green Recent years have witnessed an explosion of scientific, evidence-based research on music therapy. The power of music as a healing treatment for a broad scope of physical and mental conditions which includes AIDS, cancer, comas, multiple sclerosis, senile dementia and children with developmental disabilities is drawing

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Medical Music Therapy

Music Therapy is an established health therapy, in which music is used within a therapeutic relationship to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals, which are often categorized as its non-musical goals. The beauty of music therapy lies in its impact that helps people in coping with physical, mental, emotional and social inadequacies

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Music for Health

Music is not merely a source of entertainment, but like vitamins, can do a world of good to our body and heart.  All musical activities use the whole brain, report modern neurologists. Music is intrinsic to all cultures and nations, helpful for learning languages, enhancing memory, and sharpening one’s attention or attentiveness.  It is also

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Music Therapy in INDIA

`Indianness’ in Musical Experience  Indian music experience is highly emotional and at the same time very precise and analytical – a similarity with the way the human brain is structured in its two hemispheres, left and right. It is emotionally charged, as it touches the subtlest of nuances in our emotional experience, with the deployment

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Music: Pleasant and Medicinal

“Music is capable of amazing journey and meanings” – Sir Harrison Birtwistle, British Composer The current state of music presents a variety of solutions in search of a problem, the problem being to find somebody left to listen!’  It has been recognized for a long time that music has beneficial effects on living beings. A

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Yoga Nidra Music

“Yoga is like music: the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of tile.” – R.K.S. lyengar  In recent years, Music Therapy is emerging as a wonder tool in the hands of medical practitioners and counsellors as a dependable intervention, especially for those who suffer

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Music Therapy: The Science in Music

Recent advances in music therapy, which is based on an interpersonal process between a skilled music therapist that uses all facets of sound and music to help her/his clients to maintain or improve their health, have now come to stay in medical discipline as an inseparable field of intervention. Coupled with this objective, it also

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Can Music Replace Medicine?

Long before acoustics came to be known in Europe, the ancient Arabs, Greek and Indians were familiar with the therapeutic effects of music. They were already familiar with some of the latter day concepts pertaining to the phenomenon of sound.  While music as a whole is well recognised for its entertainment value throughout the globe,

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Methods in Music Therapy

It is now a scientifically acknowledged fact that sound and music have a major influence on our mind and behaviour. Of late, there is a growing realization that a person can develop auditory, visual, motor, communication, social, academic (cognitive), and self-help skills through music activities. Soft lullabies sung by the mother soothe infants, national anthems

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Calming the Nerves

“Of all divine qualities fearlessness holds the highest place”. Sant Jnaneshwar held a reason when he said this. Criminal psychologists of modern times confirm that the sources for most of today’s crimes are fuelled by fear – the fear of uncertainty about one’s future. Particularly in a money-centric society, where accumulation of wealth is the

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Music as a Complementary Medicine

Days are not far when music gets its rightful place as a dependable medicine that complements with all forms of medical interventions – be it homeopathy, allopathy, naturopathy or ayurvedic.  It is heartening to note that India, which had been the cradle for music (raga), having employed it as a workable therapy (chikitsa) in everyday

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Music on the brain

Every bit of our musical experience presupposes the involvement of our mind. The mind influences music and in turn, gets influenced by it. As music and the mind exhibit an identical polarity or pattern, music could be considered analogous to the human psyche. It is a deeply felt reflection of our inner core of existence,

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