Praise for Home Remedies

Thank you for your books. I congratulate you on authoring these extremely useful volumes. They are a compendium of the commonsense of our people and a distillation of our age-old scientific knowledge.
K R Narayanan
President of India, 2001
President K R Narayanan
President K R Narayanan

Penguin Bestseller
Penguin Best Seller

Home Remedies Vol.4

‘The book presents the material related to 40 common medicinal plants . . . in a very lucid manner . . . The most useful part of the book is that it provides notes on preparation of herbal medicine, dosage and some thumb rules for the selection of the various parts of the medicinal plant . . . An interesting bibliography also accompanies the book . . . a complete guide on medicinal herbs. It caters to the need of both the common man and a practitioner alike.’ – Deccan Herald

‘The author meticuloulsy documents many parallel traditions and their uses of individual plants to cure and comfort . . . an illuminating rediscovery of herbs . . . ‘ – First City

‘A glossary of English medical terms and the Indian names of the herbs in quite a few regional languages does prove helpful.’ – The Statesman

‘A very useful book.’ – The Financial Express

‘An excellent and informative book.’ – The Asian Age

Years of research on ancient herblore by T V Sairam is slowly but surely taking the shape of easy-to-use volumes on the medicinal values of the phenomenal wealth the country has in herbs . . .’ – The Hindu

Music Therapy testimonials

Dr. Sairam with Capt Rajiv Vats

With Capt Rajiv Vats, an ex-pilot who attributes music therapy (chanting) for his miraculous recovery from the 3rd stage oral cancer losing a mjor part of his tonngue. Now he lectures on music therapy!
Capt Vats, having trained by Nada, now runs his own clinic in Rohtak, Haryana, for clients with speech defects and also for cancer victims.

Dr. Sairam with Dr.Sumanta Thakur

With Dr Sumanta Thakur, the surgeon who has replaced music for anaesthesia. Kolkata 2019.