List of CDs & DVDs on Music Therapy

1.  Raga Therapy (DVD)
2. Music Therapy (DVD)

3. What is Music Therapy? (CD)
4. Music Consciousness (CD)
5. Feelings in Music (CD)
6. Aesthetics Of Music (CD)
7. Self Music Therapy(CD)
8. Rhythms in Music (CD)

Raga Therapy(DVD)


Raga Therapy DVD deals with the various nuances in the melodic structures of ragas, which are woven with human-centred approach and also tailored around human voice range which alone comforts and cures mental afflictions more readily than any other musical structures of the world!

Music Therapy(DVD)

DVD in Tamil

A Tamil TV interview on the importance of music therapy for every citizen.

What is Music Therapy? (CD)

A Radio Interview : 2008

What is music therapy is the summum bonum of scientific research undertaken by Dr TV Sairam at the turn of the millennium. Here he explains how miraculous music is in reaching the unfathomable areas of mind or consciousness and all this so quickly and so effortlessly!

Music Consciousness (CD)

A Talk by Dr T V Sairam

This audio-CD helps in understanding and appreciating the subtle nexus that exists between music and our consciousness. It clearly spells out how our mind gets intertwined with music – a feature that was elaborated in the ancient system of Nada Yoga- and how the flow of nada and a deliberate attempt on the part of a musician towards improvisation (alapana) of a raga can expand the reaches of our consciousness. The use of different kinds of music for relaxation has also been discussed with demonstrations of rare musical instruments such as damaru, Himalayan bowl etc and through the recordings that ranges from Vedic chants to Western classical master-pieces.

Feelings in Music (CD)

This audio-CD expresses through talk and musical demonstrations, how the musical structure can touch our heart and result in the experience of various shades of emotion. Different ingredients in music such as resonance, rhythm, tempo, graces etc contribute towards a wide-range of feelings, viz., joy, pathos, anger, fear, compassion etc which have not only aesthetic but also therapeutic impact on listeners. The talk also suggests how music can be prudently used to fight negative emotions.

Aesthetics Of Music (CD)

This audio-CD features through talk and demonstrations, the aesthetic aspects of music and contributes towards their understanding and appreciation. Illustrations have been drawn from various cultures: folk, western, and Indian, indicating thereby the vein of unity of peoples through music.

Self Music Therapy(CD)

Self Music Therapy CD is based on the concept discovered by Dr Sairam based on the ancient nada anusandhana practices which linked the sound emanations with the consciousness fluctuations in listeners.

Rhythms in Music (CD)

This audio-CD features the dynamics of nature and music, lucidly depicting how rhythm, which infuses life to music has also infused life to us.

The rhythmic intricacies involved in different systems of music (viz., Indian, Western and African) provide new dimensions to our musical understanding and appreciation. The immense scope offered by the Indian tala system with its trikala possibilities and their impact on the highs and lows of our moods and their role in achieving the desired level of consciousness and attitude are also made transparent through selected musical pieces.

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