Dr T V Sairam

Dr. (Prof) T. V. Sairam is a former administrator, economist, ethno-botanist and musicologist, who has authored several books and hundreds of articles on all these subjects. 

Dr TV Sairam, a former civil servant (IRS) has done pioneering research on herbs, alternative medicine, environment, art, aesthetics, architecture, music therapy and nada yoga in India for the last 30 years. He has written over 350 articles, and 16 books, besides two  dictionaries- published by reputed publishing houses like Penguin, Nada Centre for Music Therapy and others. 

He is the founder-member of Nada Centre for Music Therapy (2004) and the Indian Music Therapy Association (2018). He has travelled and lived in many foreign countries and has globally lectured/trained hundreds of music therapists around the world as a course director of Nada Centre for Music Therapy(NCMT) and also as guest faculty of many universities including  the American Music Therapy Association(AMTA) and the World Federation of Music Therapy(WFMT).

In India, he is considered an authority on the great Indian raga heritage and is affectionately called the ‘Father of Indian Music Therapy‘. He has lectured in many international meets organized in France, Greece, India, Korea, Tanzania,  UK and USA.  

He has been the Course Director of Nada Centre for Music Therapy(NCMT) having trained over 600 students from India and overseas during the past 16 years.

His name was included by the International Bibliographical Centre (IBS), Cambridge in its prestigious publication as one of the ‘2000 Intellectuals of the 20th Century’. Dr Sairam lives in New Delhi, India.

At a Glance

  • Govt. Service: 38 Years of experience in Indian Revenue Service (IRS)
  • Specializations: Alternative Medicine, Medicinal Plants, Music Therapy, & Tax Administration.
  • Publications: 16 Books & over 350 Articles – published in India and overseas & some have been translated into a few Indian and foreign languages.
  • Public Lectures Delivered: 85 Lectures organized in 26 Cities in India and overseas
  • Associated Institutions/ Universities : Studied in 13 Institutions from India and overseas, lectured in 34 – on invitation
  • Heritage –related Work: Monumental research and propagation of the ancient India’s Herbal and Musical Heritages (Nada Yoga and Raga Chikitsa) as a one-man army.
  • Specializations: Alternative Medicine, Medicinal Plants, Music Therapy  & Tax Administration. 

Heritage-related Studies & Activities

Therapeutic Musical Heritage Of India

The intense research – lasting for over two decades (2000- 2020)- were published in over 350 articles in reputed magazines and also in the form of six books (What is Music, Raga Therapy, Medicinal Music, Music Therapy, Self-Music Therapy, Music Therapy Digest – between 2004 and 2019) and one Dictionary (Dictionary of Music Therapy, 2004)

Therapeutic Herbal Heritage Of India

The intense research – lasting for over three decades (1970-2000)- was published in the form of a number of articles in reputed magazines, in four best-selling volumes "Home Remedies" between 1998 and 2001 by Penguin Books and the Penguin "Dictionary of Alternative Medicine (2007)".

Spiritual Heritage Of India

The research findings were published in a few articles in reputed magazines and also as a book Indian Temple Forms and Foundations (1981 & 2000) .


2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 20th Century (1999) – Nomination by the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England.

Bharatiya Nada Chikitsa Seva Chetana (2019) – Conferred by Manollasini Trust, Bangalore on the occasion of the 2nd Annual Conference of Indian Music Therapy Association (IMTA), held at Pune. 

Institution Building Efforts (2004-2019)

2004: FOUNDED AND PROMOTED NADA CENTRE FOR MUSIC THERAPY (REGD.) CHENNAI , a Pioneering Institution in India (www.nada.in) aimed at promoting the innovative concepts and practices on healing with music. Various pioneering actions taken: publications in the unknown realms of healing music, conducting lectures, workshops, conferences (7 nos. National/ International Conferences were conducted to popularize raga therapy internationally.) with participation of music therapists not only from various parts of India but also from many parts of Asia, Europe and the U.S.A. (extensively reported in the Media.)

2018: FOUNDED AND PROMOTED INDIAN MUSIC THERAPY ASSOCIATION (IMTA) (REGD.) BANGALORE, a Pioneering Institution India (www.theimta.in) to provide support to the growing number of music therapists and take care of their welfare. Two national conferences were conducted, one in Chennai (2018) and another in Pune (2019). (extensively reported in the Media.)

Events, Conferences, Workshops

THE FIRST EVER CONFERENCE ON MUSIC THERAPY IN INDIA was organized in Chennai (2004) to propagate the Indian heritage in the modern context for an international audience – followed by six more at Bangalore, New Delhi, Tiruvannamalai and Visakhapatnam. During visits abroad as a member of American Music Therapy Association and the World Federation of Music Therapy, these concepts were popularized in as many as 85 lectures in 26 different places.


THE FIRST EVER DISTANCE LEARNING PROGRAMME IN MUSIC THERAPY WITH INDIAN FEATURES IN THE WORLD was designed (2006) with the Indian heritage contents of  Nada yoga and Raga chikitsa for an international exposure. Over 600 students from India and overseas during the past 16 years have completed the course successfully.